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Our Limited Release series reflects our passion for innovation and our love of the brewing process. These small batch brews such as our Citrus Flugel IPA,
Shake it at the Wall Lemon Shandy or Great Bluebs Blueberry Wheat are only available in select locations for a limited time. Be sure to grab one when you can!

As Floridians, we aren’t accustomed to a change in the seasons, but we acknowledge their existence with our seasonal rotating beers. Designed to compliment the time of year, our seasonal brews, such as our Perfect Heat Pale Ale, Double Flugel IPA and Drunken Heifer Milk Stout are each uniquely flavored and only available for a limited time.

While we pride ourselves on continuously innovating beer flavors, these full-flavored, flagship brews are available for your enjoyment throughout every season. These year-round offerings showcase the world’s longstanding styles, with our own Half Wall twist. Begin by enjoying our refreshing Blue Trailer Blonde Ale, deliciously smooth Jefficus Bourbon Coffee Vanilla Oatmeal Stout or our hop-forward Stugel Flugel IPA.

The Special Release brews are exactly as they're called; Special! This category is one beer lovers will need to plan accordingly to anticapte their releaseses. Months, or even years, in the making you can savor in unqiue flavors like our Sour Blonde Ale or the distinct Sour Stout. Find these exclusive brews at our brewery and Half Wall Restaurants during special occasions. Don't miss out!

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